💛 Meet Chloe 💙

Chloe is a 15 yr old, who lives here in the Valley, she LOVES music, movies with music (Encanto, and Turning Red are her current faves), reading (especially about history, and the Civil Rights Movement), drawing, dancing. She loves her school Believe I Can Academy, and her friends, they have all become like a family to us.

  • What does the Down Syndrome Walk Arizona mean to you?

We love to get out and see our friends, and support the DSNetwork, and raise awareness for Down syndrome, showing everyone that we are awesome, and strong, and we care about making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities!

  • How has DSNetwork’s program and services directly supported your family and loved one with Down syndrome?

We have been involved with DSNetwork programs from the time Chloe was a few months old, from our first Holiday party, to play groups, Seminars held to learn about managing behavioral challenges, concerns and advances in health care particular to Ds, networking and making life long friends with other families, advice on navigating resources available, learning how to advocate for our loved one, we would have been lost without the DSNetwork!

  • What is your favorite part of the Walk?

My favorite part, and Chloe’s too, is getting the crowd riled up, by giving out high fives to every single person possible, She is a crowd favorite!

The DSNetwork has been the center of our Universe, whenever I have had questions, or need ideas on facing the next challenge, they have been there for us. We have made so many friends who we have played, laughed and cried together, I have loved watching their little ones learn and grow along with my kids. I feel as though I advocate for all of them, not just my own kid.





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