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About DSNetwork Arizona


Our mission at DSNetwork is to educate, support and advocate for those in our community touched by Down syndrome. DSNetwork achieves this goal through an open, supportive and collaborative network that connects individuals and families with needed resources and information.


A community that embraces, supports and inspires individuals with Down syndrome to live healthy, self-determined and fulfilling lives.


♥ We are TRUSTWORTHY in our daily responsibilities and commitment to others.


♥ We use EMPATHY in our interactions and RESPECT toward others in all that we do.


♥ We carry out our responsibilities with the utmost INTEGRITY.


♥ We COLLABORATE with and rely on our community partners and volunteers.


♥ We are INNOVATIVE and seek opportunities to be original and creative.


♥ We are INVESTED, devoting our time, effort and energy to our mission.

Our Purpose

Helping Every Step of The Way

DSNetwork has been supporting people touched by Down syndrome since 2002. From the initial diagnosis through school-aged years and beyond, individuals with Down syndrome and their families face a wide range of challenges and find themselves immersed in an ever-changing, often complicated journey to learn how to best support and nurture their loved ones.

We are action-oriented – always striving to improve the options and opportunities available for people with Down syndrome. We are committed to ensuring that all individuals with Down syndrome have the opportunity to fully participate in society. Down Syndrome Network helps every step of the way.

  • To provide information  and resources to assist people with Down syndrome and their families

  • To provide meaningful programs and events

  • To provide networking opportunities for people with Down syndrome and their families

  • To promote greater public understanding of people with Down syndrome and the syndrome itself

  • To effect change in policies and behavior to improve services, education, employment and overall quality of life for people with Down syndrome and their families

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Our History

Over 20 years of service

In January 2002, a group of parents of children with Down syndrome got together to discuss the sometimes confusing situations that arise while raising a child with Down syndrome. From that discussion, the idea was born for a `one-stop information source’ to consolidate the innumerable resources that one must invariably wade through when searching for specialized information and Down Syndrome Network (DSNetwork) was formed.

Meet Our Team

Leading with love, service & dedication