Financial Support

Helping Families in Need

Established by Down Syndrome Network to provide scholarship opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome and their family. In memory of CJ Udall, whose positive attitude and enthusiasm for life continues to inspire others to explore adventurous opportunities, the DSNetwork offers a limited number of partial scholarships to assist individuals to attend an event/program, or for basic family need.

  •  Scholarships are offered to only individuals with Down syndrome or one of their family members.

  • Any scholarship recipient who does not show up for the activity for which they receive a scholarship will be invoiced at the full amount of the activity’s registration fee.

  • You will receive notification within 1 week of submitting your application.

  • Scholarship recipients must write a brief summary of the experience of what the scholarship was used for and how the scholarship was beneficial, within 2 weeks following the conclusion of the activity for which you are receiving the scholarship.

  • No more than 1 scholarship will be granted to an individual or family within a 12 month period.

  • You must reside in AZ to receive a scholarship.

Program Scholarships

Basic Needs up to $100

A limited number of scholarships are available for DSNetwork’s programs for individuals with Down syndrome. These programs may include Xcell for Adults with Down Syndrome (18+), Tweens & Teens UP (ages 7-17), Club Xtra for KIDS (0-7 years-old). Please complete the program’s registration form and select “I am requesting a scholarship”. You will receive notification within one week of submitting your application.



Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Consulting & Advocacy Support


The purpose of the IEP Consulting/Advocate Support Scholarship is to assist in partial funding of a professional special education advocate to assist in the IEP process for students with Down syndrome. A special education advocate can help parents write appropriate IEP goals and objectives and suggest appropriate supports and accommodations. A special education advocate can accompany parents to meetings and assist in the negotiation process between parents and the school. A limited number of scholarships up to $250 will be awarded.

In addition to the eligibility items listed for the CJ Udall Memorial Scholarship, the following eligibility will apply for the IEP Consulting/Advocate Support Scholarship:

  • Scholarship is meant for students with Down syndrome currently enrolled in K-12.

  • If approved, the scholarship will be awarded for up to $250 and paid directly to the professional advocate who submits an invoice to DSNetwork for scope of work they completed. Any amount the advocate charges over the award amount is the responsibility of the scholarship recipient who will be invoiced by the advocate.

  • If you do not have a preferred advocate, DSNetwork will provide resources of recommended advocates. If you prefer an advocate who may not be on the list, you may submit their information for approval. (Advocate cannot be a family member or relative of the student) The professional should be a special education advocate.

  • Must present the need for special education or IEP consulting from a professional advocate as it relates to the student with Down syndrome.

  • If scholarship is approved, recipient is required to take the online IEP training offered monthly by Raising Special Kids. This training focuses on important information parents and guardians need to know to participate appropriately and effectively with their child’s IEP team.

  • Review the Arizona Department of Education Understanding Special Education Resources.


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