Free Transportation

and Respite Care

 DSNetwork is happy to provide FREE TRANSPORTATION and RESPITE CARE to select programs/events.

Supported programs currently include:

  • Tweens & Teens UP! (ages 8-17) monthly groups

  • Xcell for Adult (ages 18+) monthly groups

Transportation and respite care is available to participants with Down syndrome and their families at no cost to you! DSNetwork can assist you with travel arrangements by personally picking up/dropping off your loved one at one of three convenient valley-wide locations and taking them to the scheduled activity. Respite care is provided by Absolute HCBS and trained DSNetwork volunteers.

Of course, parents and caregivers are always welcome to transport their loved ones and stay with them throughout the event if they so wish.


What to Expect


  • Drivers are DSNetwork paid staff or trained volunteers. DSNetwork maintains a 3:1 ratio for riders to adults.

  • Vehicles used are DSNetwork agency vehicles (owned/leased) or part of the van share program used by other local non-profits. All vehicles/drivers are insured by DSNetwork. All vehicles are clearly labeled and identified as DSNetwork’s for your rider’s safety.

  • Transportation is provided for participants who do not live in the surrounding area of an activity. Ex. A West Valley event will have both EV and NV pick up locations and an East Valley event will have both WV and NV pick up locations etc.

  • Transportation must be requested at least 24 hours prior to an event. Of course, you may still attend, but transportation will be closed or limited within 24 hours.

  • Parents/Guardians will be contacted 24 hours prior to the event with an accurate pick up/drop off timeframe. Please be on time!

  • Be flexible – there may be traffic, road closures or other circumstances that cause a minor change to the pick up/drop off schedule. Your driver will ALWAYS communicate these changes with you.

  • Drivers are unable to text/answer the phone while driving, but will communicate with parents between stops.

Special Thanks

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