Birth to 7 years old

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Club Xtra is a group where parents can come with their little one to play and interact with other children their age. The group promotes the development and learning of children with Down syndrome, and provides parents with resources, time to network and share their knowledge and experiences, and support each other.

The goal of Club Xtra is simple, we want to do everything we can to help our children reach their full potential while making lasting friendships in the process.


What people are saying


Down Syndrome Network, Thank you for all your support. I am so thankful for this organization. You have made my first 6 months of being a parent of a child with Down syndrome so much better.

~ Carley, Jhon, Aurora and Amaya

This program has become incredibly important for our family. We love to get together with other families to let the kids play together and we as parents can get to know each other and encourage other new parents.

~ Anonymous, Club Xtra Participant

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Club Xtra activities and events are held across the Valley. FREE registration for little ones with Down syndrome (0-7 years-old) and their chaperone. There is a nominal fee for siblings to participate.


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