June 6 – July 18 (no class July 4)
5:30-6:20 PM

Located in Downtown Gilbert

207 N Gilbert Rd UNIT 205, Gilbert, AZ 85234

Down to Box is high energy, engaging and targeted boxing training specifically catered towards individuals needs and abilities. And it’s fun!

Geared towards ages 13+ (younger participants considered on a case by case basis).

$65/per participant for all 6 sessions (scholarships available to anyone in need)

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Down to Box Program is HERE! 

DSNetwork’s Down to Box is a dynamic boxing experience tailored for individuals of diverse abilities, with a special emphasis on the exceptional advantages it offers to those with Down syndrome. More than just for fun, boxing becomes a portal to a range of exercises, contributing to an overall holistic well-being (physical, mental, and emotional).

The program is led by Cassie Laughrey, DPT at Banner Neuro Wellness located in downtown Gilbert. The club excels in accommodating individuals with intellectual disabilities, ensuring safety through thoughtful measures like padded equipment and adaptive training approaches.

In recent times, boxing has emerged as a catalyst for empowerment, individual growth, and physical fitness for individuals with all abilities. Here are a list of benefits Down to Box offers:

  • Physical Vitality: Participation in boxing exercises not only enhances cardiovascular health but also refines strength, agility, and coordination. The dynamic nature of boxing movements contributes to improved motor skills and overall physical well being for individuals with Down syndrome.
  • Weight Wellness: Regular exercise assists individuals in maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the likelihood of health issues associated with obesity.
  • Emotional Well-Being: Boxing serves as a constructive outlet for self-expression, allowing individuals to channel their energy and emotions positively. The physical activity releases endorphins, fostering positive emotions, mitigating stress, and enhancing overall emotional well-being.
  • Discipline and Focus: Through training, individuals with Down syndrome learn to follow instructions, develop concentration skills, and maintain mental agility. These acquired skills have a ripple effect, positively impacting various aspects of their daily lives.
  • Social Connection: Engaging in boxing sessions creates opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome to build social connections, form friendships and actively cultivate a supportive community that encourages personal growth.
  • Joyful Engagement: Boxing, with its dynamic and captivating nature, promises excitement and joy. Would you rather say, I’m going to therapy or to Boxing Club?