Team Captains play a key role in the success of the Down Syndrome Walk Arizona. You’re the voice of DSNetwork leading up to the walk—sharing your personal story, increasing awareness about Down syndrome in the community, and educating others on the programs and services we offer. In addition, you raise vital funds for the organization, which allows us to continue to reach new heights in providing accurate information, networking opportunities, and advocacy for and about Down syndrome.

How do I create a Walk Team & Fundraising Page?

  • Register and create your team using the Registration Form
  • BE SURE to fill in your unique Team’s Name on this form (See some of the other team names)
  • List yourself as a team captain and add your walkers with shirt sizes
  • Note: If you have additional walkers that want to sign up later, they can sign up individually once your team is formed using the same registration form and selecting the drop down team name
  • Login (or create a login) to set up your team’s fundraising page
  • If you are having trouble logging or forget your login, you can Reset Your Password
  • Customize your fundraising page by adding a compelling story, photos and set a goal amount
  • Need help? Watch the video below or if you have any questions text 480-759-9150 or email [email protected], we are more than happy to help


What is a Team Captain?

  • is the leader of a walk team
  • recruits family, friends, and colleagues to join their team
  • builds excitement and commitment
  • maximizes the fundraising potential of all team walkers
  • provides inspiration and motivation
  • recognizes and acknowledges all efforts made by the team
  • Your leadership is invaluable to DSNetwork and your dedication and hard work is greatly appreciated

How do you build and motivate your team?

Whether it’s with family, friends, colleagues, or members of affiliated organizations you belong to, building a team can really boost camaraderie and morale. As a Team Captain, it’s important to find ways to build excitement and commitment with team members.

Here are a few tips:

  • Host a kick-off party
  • Ask early – the earlier you begin, the more you will raise
  • Donate to yourself to set the tone and show that you are committed
  • Set a minimum fundraising goal (suggested min. of $250)
  • Personalize your fundraising team page with stories, photos and connection to DSNetwork
  • Share your fundraising page link and walk materials on social sites
  • Create friendly competition between different teams