💛 Meet Marcus 💙

We are a family of 5, that consists of 3 sons, and the middle son, is Marcus, which has Down Syndrome. We live in Gilbert. One of our favorite things to do is to play Uno as a family, and Marcus is a champ at it. He seems to win the majority of the time. He mostly enjoys playing the draw 4 card on one of his brothers. Marcus loves to play video games with his brothers and he loves super heroes, specifically the Flash, Batman and Shazam. He is a sophomore at Campo Verde High School, and loves to participate in their United Sound program where he plays the baritone. He also loves to compete in Special Olympics.

  • What does Down Syndrome Walk Arizona mean to you?
We love being a part of the Down Syndrome Walk every year. The first walk we ever did was before Marcus was born, but we knew he would be born with Down Syndrome. It was a great way to meet other families and enjoy what would become a yearly tradition for our family. He gets to be center stage, and he feels everybody is there for him. He loves walking down and giving everyone high fives.
  • How has DSNetwork’s program and services directly supported your family and loved one with Down syndrome?
DSNetwork has been there for us since before Marcus was born. We were able to speak to other parents and families and understand a little more of what the future looked like raising a child with Down Syndrome. DSNetwork and members of DSNetwork have been so supportive over the years. There are so many services and opportunities for any person and family that is raising a person with Down Syndrome, and DSNetwork is a huge resource of all these different services and opportunities.
  • What is your favorite part of the Walk?
Our favorite part of the walk is seeing Marcus’ smiling face as he walks down the street and high fives as many people as possible. It’s his moment to shine, and seeing all of these people supporting him and acknowledging him, and all of those walking is such a rewarding experience.

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