💛 Meet Berkeley 💙

Our family loves being active, going to the park, playing at the beach, and most of all traveling. We live in Buckeye – Adam (daddy), Kelly (mommy), Bode (big brother age 9), and Berkeley (DS Superstar age 7) with our border collie, Apollo, who thinks his soul mission in life is to protect our kids. Berkeley loves her big brother, Bode, and all of her family. She is a self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl.” Although her favorite class at her school is PE, which her mom teaches. Berkeley makes friends everywhere she goes. She loves playing at the park, swimming, and most of all reading. Her favorite author is Mo Willems. Berkeley enjoys waking up way too early in morning, being assertive, taking trips to Starbucks and Dutch Bros, watching Disney+ (only if it is on her avatar), and playing “school” with her dolls.

  • What does Down Syndrome Walk Arizona mean to you?

Although we have done previous walks and events, this is our first DSN Walk! It is so exciting for our family and Berkeley’s village to come together and support DSN, all individuals with DS, and spread acceptance.

  • How has DSNetwork’s program and services directly supported your family and loved one with Down syndrome?

I am so grateful for the programs that DSN has offered. It has allowed us to meet so many families. As a mom I have been able to talk and learn from other mom’s that understand what my life, day in and day out, is really like. When Berkeley was first diagnosed, I never imagined all the friendships and close bonds I would make with the DS community. Knowing there is such a large group willing and able to support Berkeley and our family helps me realize even more how truly lucky we are to be her parents.

  • What is your favorite part of the Walk?

The enormous feeling of gratitude, support, and love.

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