What does this mean for me?

When you donate to DSNetwork, you will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state income tax return. It’s an easy way to help DSNetwork provide programs and services to individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

How much can I receive?

Couples filing jointly can receive up to $841 credit on their Arizona state income tax return. If you are a single taxpayer, you can receive a charitable tax credit up to $421. It can cost you nothing to send hundreds of dollars to DSNetwork each year.

We ask every family to donate to DSNetwork and invite their extended network to do the same. If you have already given, encourage friends and relatives to participate! 

Already giving a School Tax Credit or Foster Care Tax Credit?

You can take multiple tax credits in the same year. If you take the Public School and/or Private Tuition Tax Credit, and/or the Charitable Foster Care Tax Credit, you can still contribute the maximum donation of up to $841 to DSNetwork and still make an Arizona Charitable Tax Credit contribution to each of these in the same year.

How does it work? 

Dedicate your Tax Credit to a Down Syndrome Walk Arizona Team

Give Today – Donate online 

  1. It’s easy! Make your donation online or mail a check to us at DSNetwork, 1445 E Guadalupe Rd. #103, Tempe, AZ 85283
  2. When you file your taxes, list DSNetwork’s QCO code #20262, as your qualifying charitable organization (EIN 61-1409048) along with your gift amount on the AZ Tax Form 321.
  3. No need to itemize deductions to claim the tax credit.
  4. For questions regarding your tax liability, please consult with your tax professional.