(Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome)


About MOMS' Night Out

Moms’ Night Out (MNO) is a Down Syndrome Network program for women who have a child with Down syndrome. MNO events create opportunities for mothers to gather with friends, share and connect, and foster friendships in a supportive and fun environment.

Official Sponsor of MOMS Night Out

D.A.D.S. (Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome)

D.A.D.S. provides a time and place for dads and other male caregivers of a loved one with Down syndrome to come together and support each other. The group has meetings each month to discuss aspects of Down syndrome, listen to speakers and talk about our kids.

Official Sponsor of D.A.D.S.

Meet the D.A.D.S. Committee Chair: MIKE

“A near lifelong resident of the Valley of the Sun, I grew up in Tempe, before joining the US Navy. After I left the service I was warehouse/manufacturing manager. Currently living in North Central Phoenix, I am a proud husband to Darcy and a proud stay-at-home Dad to Mallory (12) and Daphne (9) who has Down Syndrome. Having a child with Down Syndrome has been one of the most rewarding experiences in life. She has taught us so much and continues to teach us everyday. I have been involved with D.A.D.S since 2015. The group knowledge in D.A.D.S has helped me in advocating for Daphne in IEP’S, DDD IFSP/ISP’S, advocating for therapies and all of Daphne’s needs. I am looking forward to chairing the D.A.D.S meetings and learning something new. To the new Dads, congratulations, enjoy the ride and come have a seat at the table. To the old Dads, thanks for paving the way, there is always a warm seat at the table.”

— Mike Funk

Upcoming Activities

Both the D.A.D.S. group and Moms Night Out group offer monthly gatherings to connect with other parents.


What People Are Saying

I have fun with DSNetwork.  And I hope this never ends. The programs they’ve provided, hasbrought me so much joy. It’s because of DSNetwork, that I’m such a big, big boy.

While my dad goes to D.A.D.S. And, my mom to Moms’ Night Out, There’s so much information they both can learn about. Thank you DSNetwork, for all that you have done. It’s because of your great work, that I continue to have fun!

~ Adam, son of John and Lynn

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