DSConneX: #4AdultSibs

DSConneX: #4AdultSibs

DSConneX for Adult Sibs is a DSNetwork support group for adult siblings and non-parental guardians (ages 18+) of individuals with Down syndrome.

Siblings will likely be involved in the lives of their family members with Down syndrome longer than anyone else. Siblings are important and play life-long roles in the lives of their sibling with Down syndrome. We often face the same challenges that parents experience – isolation, a need for information, concern about the future, and the demands of constant caregiving – as well as our own. As the largest advocacy group for our siblings with Down syndrome, it goes without saying that we understand the challenges inherent in living with Down syndrome.

DSConneX for Adult Sibs celebrates and supports this ordinarily unique relationship.


Next Meeting: Mon, April 16 @ 6 pm | la Madeleine French Bakery & Café Chandler

Topic: Planning for the Future – The Sibling Toolkit

Adult Sibs are responsible for their own food/drinks.


Learn more and RSVP by emailing Ariel@DSNetworkAZ.org

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