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“One of the great things that any community can do is not teach tolerance, but live tolerance, not talk respect, but live inclusivity.”

— Michael Pritchard 

Welcome to Connecting321!
Connecting321 is network of support groups specifically for parents, grandparents, and siblings. Each family member, young or old, is invited to join a group at anytime. This is a safe place to share your experiences, joys, or concerns about having a family member with Down syndrome. The goal of Connecting321 is to strengthen family support and provide you with needed information and resources. Each group is catered towards the individual needs of moms, dads, grandparents, and both adult and young siblings. New members are always welcome to join us for drop in meetings.

Helpful Resources

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NDSC Adult Sibling Toolkit

A resource designed to jump start conversations about becoming more involved in your sibling's life.
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Sibling Support Project

Founded in 1990, the Sibling Support Project is the first national program dedicated to the life-long and ever-changing concerns of millions of brothers and sisters of people with special health, developmental, and mental health concerns.
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Connecting321 Events

Moms’ Night Out

February 7 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm